My Friend Abby by Randy


This is my friend Abby she is a dog.She has two big eyes, soft ears, and a cute body. Seeing Abby every day makes me happy. My dog Doudou at home looks like Abby. Doudou belongs to my grandma. I like dogs because they chase balls. Dogs are fun, energetic, and friendly.


A Guy Called Aaron by Justin D


Aaron is a funny guy in our camp, and he’s one of my friends. He always told us some funny stuff, and makes us laugh, like a clown. Sometimes, he may be polite and nice, when he meets a stranger. But, if the person is his friend, he will be ridiculous and funny!

A example of his joke: ‘ Ah! Today is a great day! Is taht you, mom? Nah, that’s Alton. So, who am I, Justin? Nah, I’m Aaron. OMG! Where is my ipad? Oh, I put it in the tec. box. But, why? … ( A bunch of stuff that I can’t understand ) ‘

So this is my friend Aaron, a funny friend, I’ll miss him.

My Friend Julia by Linda W.


I met a girl at camp and her name is Julia, she is 11 year old.  She is really beautiful. She is very good at drawing.  She is very friendly and kind to me. I first met her at Mack House, we often talk and eat noodles together. She plays games with me and draws me a lot of things. She is really funny too. I like Julia very very much.

My Friend Raina By Arina


This is my friend Raina. She is very outgoing and friendly. We often played ball in the pool, and sometimes we played hide and seek in the dorm. She always like to help other people when they needed help. Once, I lost my swimming goggles in the bottom of the pool, and she helped me to get it. Her eyes are big, and her hair is long and straight. I think having Raina in the dorm is really fun, because she is a really good playmate. I have Raina’s We chat, so I don’t need to worry. When camp ends, I can communicate with her on We chat. I thin she is the best friend ever.

The ATL by Lydia


My name is Lydia. Today I want to write about the ATL. We can do many things in        there. The ATL is a big room with a lot of games, couches, and ping pong tables. I like to play with my friends in the ATL. I also enjoy when we have tech time. When I go back to     China, I will miss the ATL and my memories there.




I will miss Mack House by Raina and Julia


I will miss Mack House when I go back to

China. There are green grass around the house We play

in there,laughed in there,also sleep . You can stand on

the garden and see the sky . That is very great .The

house is very big and free in the house . I had many fun

in the mack house . The mack house is my favorite

place in the Hillside School

– Raina


Mack House is the girls dorm. We sleep in there, we play in there, and we can eat noodles in there. I love Mack House because I can get tech time in there. I like to play computer game with  my friends. But some one is stealing things in the Mack House. Many people can’t find their money and things. we fell not happy when some one steal things. In the play time, we like to play a card game called “uno”. It can make me and other girls happy. Mack House is were home in Hillside Summer camp. I love it.

– Julia

Swimming Pool At Hillside School By Arina

This is a picture of the swimming pool at Hillside School. On each side of the pool there are stairs. And there are shallow areas and deep areas. There is also a line in the pool to tell you which side is the shallow area and which side is the deep area. There are also floating noodles and other floating supplies available at the pool. And there are also changing rooms at the pool. I really like to jump into the pool and play ball in the pool. We can go to the almost every day. Sometimes there wasn’t much people there, but sometimes there were a lot of people. There is also a lifeguard at the pool and is always on guard.


Hillside Camp By Justin



As you can see, the white building on the left side, in front of the bench, is the i-lab. i-lab is where we do 3D printing, laser cutting, and some imaginative creative crazy projects. The area in the middle with grass and trees, is the courtyard. We play most of the games in the yard. Behind most of the trees on the left side, the red house that faces to us is Whittemore. It is the dorm for the boys. The white house in the middle, is Mack House where the girls live. Behind the biggest tree in the middle, the building we can’t see it now is the ATL with the dining-hall, we rest and eat there. Far away, on the right with some goals, is our soccer field, of course, we play soccer there. The tiny building on the right is a little part of the academic building. So, this is the hillside camp, a fun place, I’ll miss being here.

Mrs. Jessica by Joyce

Copy of Joyce.jpeg

When  I go back to China I will miss Mrs. Jessica.She is not only my best friend, but she is also a very good artist at Hillside. That why Mrs. Jessica is our Art teacher.She is also our Ilab teacher. We have a lot of fun together. when we paint flower pots make chia pets, and play cards. I will miss Mrs.Jessica when I go back to China.